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Xanax XR 2mg

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Xanax XR 2 mg is a prescription medication that is commonly used to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and anxiety associated with depression. It belongs to a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines, which work by enhancing the effects of a neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain.

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Xanax XR 2 mg: A Comprehensive Guide to This Medication

Xanax XR 2 mg is a prescription medication that is commonly used to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and anxiety associated with depression. It belongs to a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines, which work by enhancing the effects of a neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. Xanax XR 2mg

What is Xanax XR 2 mg?

Xanax XR 2 mg is the extended-release formulation of alprazolam, the active ingredient in Xanax. It is available in the form of tablets and is typically taken once daily. The extended-release formulation allows for more gradual and sustained release of the medication, providing long-lasting relief from anxiety symptoms.

How Does Xanax XR 2 mg Work?

Xanax XR 2 mg works by increasing the activity of GABA in the brain. GABA is a naturally occurring chemical that helps regulate brain activity and has a calming effect on the body. By enhancing the effects of GABA, Xanax XR 2 mg helps reduce feelings of anxiety and promotes relaxation.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Xanax XR 2 mg?

  1. Anxiety Relief: Xanax XR 2 mg is highly effective in relieving symptoms of anxiety disorders, such as excessive worry, restlessness, and irritability.
  2. Panic Disorder Treatment: It is also used to manage panic disorder, a condition characterized by recurrent panic attacks.
  3. Improved Quality of Life: By alleviating anxiety symptoms, Xanax XR 2 mg can help individuals regain their ability to function in their daily lives, improving overall quality of life.

Is Xanax XR 2 mg Safe to Use?

While Xanax XR 2 mg can be highly effective in treating anxiety-related conditions, it is essential to use it under the supervision of a healthcare professional. Like any medication, Xanax XR 2 mg may cause side effects, including drowsiness, dizziness, and confusion. It can also be habit-forming if misused or taken for an extended period.

What is the Recommended Dosage of Xanax XR 2 mg?

The recommended starting dosage of Xanax XR 2 mg for the treatment of anxiety disorders is 0.5 to 1 mg per day, taken once in the morning. The dosage can be gradually increased by the healthcare provider based on individual response and tolerability. It is crucial to follow the prescribed dosage and not exceed it without medical guidance.

Precautions and Warnings

  1. Avoid Alcohol: It is important to avoid consuming alcohol while taking Xanax XR 2 mg, as it can increase the sedative effects of the medication and lead to excessive drowsiness.
  2. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Xanax XR 2 mg should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as it may harm the developing fetus or newborn.
  3. Drug Interactions: Inform your healthcare provider about all medications, including over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements, as they may interact with Xanax XR 2 mg and lead to adverse effects.

Xanax XR 2 mg is a prescription medication used for the treatment of anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and anxiety associated with depression. It provides long-lasting relief by enhancing the effects of GABA in the brain. While it can be highly effective, it is important to use it under medical supervision and follow the prescribed dosage. With proper precautions and guidance, Xanax XR 2 mg can help individuals manage anxiety symptoms and improve their overall quality of life. Xanax XR 2mg

Xanax XR 2 mg Image: Everything You Need to Know

Are you curious to see what Xanax XR 2 mg looks like? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with an in-depth analysis of Xanax XR 2 mg image. From its appearance to its purpose, we’ll cover it all. So, let’s dive in and explore this medication together!

Xanax XR 2 mg: The Overview

Xanax XR 2 mg is a medication primarily used for the treatment of anxiety disorders. It belongs to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines, which work on the central nervous system to produce a calming effect. This extended-release formulation of Xanax is designed to provide a longer duration of action, resulting in extended relief from anxiety symptoms.

How does Xanax XR 2 mg look like?

If you’re wondering about the appearance of Xanax XR 2 mg, we’ve got you covered. The tablet is typically round and comes in a distinctive blue color. It is imprinted with “Xanax XR” on one side and “2” on the other side, making it easily identifiable. The tablet may be scored, allowing for easy splitting if necessary. Overall, the smooth and glossy texture combined with its iconic blue color makes it instantly recognizable.

What is the Purpose of Xanax XR 2 mg?

The primary purpose of Xanax XR 2 mg is to alleviate the symptoms associated with anxiety disorders. It is commonly prescribed to manage generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder. The extended-release formulation ensures a slow release of the medication into the bloodstream, providing long-lasting relief from anxiety symptoms throughout the day.

Is Xanax XR 2 mg Effective?

Xanax XR 2 mg has proven to be effective in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Its extended-release mechanism ensures a steady and sustained delivery of the medication, resulting in a more controlled and consistent therapeutic effect. However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of Xanax XR 2 mg can vary from person to person, and dosage adjustments may be necessary to achieve optimal results. It is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance and monitoring. Xanax XR 2mg

Safety Considerations and Side Effects

As with any medication, it is crucial to be aware of the potential side effects and safety considerations associated with Xanax XR 2 mg. While the drug can provide relief, it may also cause drowsiness, dizziness, and impaired coordination. Therefore, it is advised to avoid operating machinery or driving until you know how the medication affects you.
Additionally, Xanax XR 2 mg should only be used as prescribed by a healthcare professional. Misuse or abuse of this medication can lead to dependence and addiction. It is important to follow the prescribed dosage and duration of treatment to minimize the risk of adverse effects. If you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to discuss them with your healthcare provider.

Xanax XR 2 mg is a medication utilized for the management of anxiety disorders. With its unique appearance, including the iconic blue color and clear imprints, it is easily recognizable. The extended-release formulation allows for sustained relief from anxiety symptoms throughout the day. While Xanax XR 2 mg can be effective, it is essential to follow safety guidelines and consult with a healthcare professional for proper usage. Remember, if you have any concerns or questions about Xanax XR 2 mg, always consult with your healthcare provider for guidance and support.

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73 reviews for Xanax XR 2mg

  1. akseli

    “I started out on Valium 5 mg 4 times a day when I was 22 due to petit-mal seizures. The doctors said my anxiety was causing my blood pressure to go out the roof. At age 25 had a heart attack due to anxiety making my BP so high I was in V fib. Now at age 38 I’m taking Xanax xr 2 mg 3 times a day. For me all the antidepressants cause some kind of stimulation hat makes my anxiety worsen so I stopped the SSRI’s. It is working for now but I fear what happens when this doesn’t work anymore what am I going to do. So tired of having anxiety and panic disorder. I don’t think too many doctors understand what a profound problem this causes in ones life. So really express how you really feel to your Doc.”

  2. eero

    “I thank Xanax xr for making me a better mom. I was mean to everyone around me and I took the motto “this is who I am” to heart. It was not until my mother died after having my third child that I actually realized my angry childhood and anger in this world was not to blame on any one but my own feelings. After taking Xanax xr and some therapy, I am a new person. I would not be able to live without it. I do not abuse it. I only take the amount prescribed by my doctor and no more. I also take Paxil which helped me a lot as well, but without the Xanax xr, I would not be living. Participating with my life and most of all my children. I read to them now we go on picnics and wilderness hikes. I love my life, now!”

  3. llari

    “It’s really hard to rate this medication because there are two sides to it, short term and long term. Short term ( 20 minutes- 4 hours) it can feel like a life saver. It will calm you down, and if needed let the pill dissolve under your tongue (sublingually) for faster results. I. This case it gets a 10/10. You should not take this medication long term (3 months max) or overuse Xanax xr or any benzodiazepine. You will become dependent, you will become tolerated and getting off of this medication usually requires a medical detox because of the potential of death, definitely extreme discomfort and anxiety levels off the charts. It gets a 0/10 on that side. Taking too much or drinking on Xanax xr is potentially fatal . Also taking it long term effects both long and short term memory severely. I recommend you take this review seriously as I have been through all of this minus death and I don’t wish my experience on anybody.”

  4. onni

    “I’ve been on Xanax xr for 25 years. Same 2 mg dose the entire time. It got added to my meds due to Childhood PTSD that would not allow me to calm down and sleep. This drug should not be used alone. Other meds should be in place. If you take this drug and need to continue increase the dosage amount, this drug may not be for you. You need a diagnosis from a psychiatrist to even get this drug. You will be monitored for a long time while on it. Monthly visits to the doctor for years and years. Once you can prove that you can take this medication responsibly you may find the “rules” relaxed a bit. You are not to drink on this drug. I have rarely had a drink for the last 25 years. A cocktail once in a blue moon.”

  5. topias

    “After my divorce I was depressed and having anxiety attacks, I went to a respectable Doctor but she prescribed me Wellbutrin, after taking it for awhile I felt numb (mentally). I tried a 1mg Xanax xr and it was perfect! I slept great, but when I first started taking them I would wake up groggy. I would get a shower and that would wake me up. I’ve been taking them for about 7 years. I am currently cutting my doses down to try to ween off them! I do not have an addictive personality but after a job loss of 10 yrs I tried to quit cold turkey! Not a good idea at all! I can only say use as prescribed and less if possible! Don’t just pop one because you are stressed out! Take a walk, talk to a friend, please use with caution.”

  6. niko

    “I got prescribed 2mg of Xanax xr, that I take once a day. My wife had just died. My anxiety was so bad I would not leave the house nor would I barely eat. It made me feel alive again and I’m able to function, and get out and socialize like a normal person again. I actually have a appetite now, and I’m getting good sleep again, which I haven’t felt in a long time. Xanax xr really saved my life.”

  7. valtteri

    “I have severe social anxiety and have tried every other medicine out there and nothing has worked. Xanax xr so far has changed my life. I’m able to talk to people and look them in the eye and not feel stupid every where I went. I take 2mg 3 times a day. I’m just worried about the addiction part. I’ve heard it’s pretty bad. But I rather be happy all the time than having panic attacks all the time.”

  8. matias

    “I’ve been taking low dose 2mg xanax xr for a few years for social anxiety and occasional panic attacks. It’s excellent. I take it as needed, which I like, it lets me feel more in control. I rarely take a full dose. It’s very effective even in a lower dose. It just lets me keep anxiety under control so I can function well. I never notice any major fogginess or anything with it either unlike other benzos I’ve taken like ativan. Just in moderation. A little goes a long way. Absolutely great medication for anxiety and occasional severe panic attacks. It has completely helped me build my confidence up and get my life back!”

  9. Anonymous

    “I have always suffered from anxiety attacks, but at the age of 22, I seem to have them more severely. I have had a rough past, that I try and keep to myself. This last month my panic attacks were so severe that I thought I was going crazy or dying. I lost all sleep, and I felt so ashamed in front of my kids. My mind was racing and all I could think was these terrible thoughts. I was prescribed 2mg of Xanax xrand I cut the pills in half throughout the day. I have never had such a quick relief from panic attacks. I almost instantly feel normal when I take them. And it lasts for quite a while until I take the other half of the medication. No side effects I have had with these, which is great because I have a fear of taking medications.”

  10. tuomas

    “I am 64 and earlier in my life i never had any gad/panic attacks. Not scared of anything! Then my first panic attack. I was on a freeway far from home and alone. Out of the blue..the clamminess, heart rate through the roof, shakes etc. I pulled off the freeway to a parking lot. I got out and my knees buckled. I was terrified. It finally subsided somewhat and i finished the trip on back highways. . Now my trigger is driving even though all my life i loved driving anywhere..long distances problem until this. When i got home (barely) my dr. recommended 2 mg xanax xr as needed. A miracle drug for me! It makes me feel normal! I do not take every day”

  11. jjuho

    “I have taken Xanax xr on and off for 18 years and I would say it has been a lifesaver for me. I have episodes of anxiety, nothing earth shattering, but debilitating non-the-less. Xanax xr has helped smooth those times over and make life manageable. This is a wonderful medicine!”

  12. arttu

    “Works very well for anxiety. The best way to take these types of medicines is to take them as needed. Some doctors will tell you to take them everyday as prescribed, but I found in my 20 years of experience with Xanax xr that taking them everyday is an easy way for it to become habit forming and addictive. When I take them as needed I don’t become dependent on them. I think doctors disagree with this method because they feel that you need to counter the anxiety before you get it and that way you can learn to tolerate it. I have tried using Xanax xr both ways, it’s nice not having anxiety, but your body and mind will adapt to the dosage and if you take it long enough you will find you need a higher dose to feel like you did.”

  13. roope

    “For years, I didn’t know I was suffering from Anxiety and Panic Attacks. My doctor told me what was happening to me & prescribed Xanax xr. It helps me TREMENDOUSLY. I feel “normal” now. Been using it for 10 years.”

  14. miiko

    “I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t severely depressed & anxious & without obsessive thoughts. I had severe emotional abuse/twisted mental abuse from my first memory at 3 until I was an adult. I’m 43. There are times I’ll go for days & not need Xanax xr or take it. But when the panicking & anxiety start I can take 5-6 mg (no, not .5 – actually 5) and finally function. I only use it as needed although I’ve been told I should take it daily. Drug seekers have hurt people like me SO bad. This is the only medication that works when I panic or feel anxiety to the point of wanting to die. I have & never will abuse it, but if I didn’t have it I would for sure be dead. I’ve NEVER had a withdrawal feeling or problem at all. But at that level of panic and obsession I am crippled. My daily meds (esp the anafranil) work very well now to prevent this , but when I get triggered, it’s a wrap. So there ARE some people who aren’t abusers, & who couldn’t function without it.”

  15. Anonymous

    “Xanax xr made me a normal person again. I had bouts of anxiety seemingly my entire life, but it didn’t become debilitating until I reached my 20s and became overwhelmed with everything on my plate and I lost sight of who I was. I couldn’t focus on anything because I was too worried about school and work and my health issues. It became too much, and I dropped out of school with a 4.0! Anxiety stole my life away, but Xanax xr gave me the strength to gain it back. I’m finally about to graduate, have a wonderful job, and just recently got engaged! I am a normal person, and I thank anxiety for calming my brain and enabling me to live a beautiful, productive life. I highly recommend it if you genuinely suffer from debilitating anxiety.”

  16. pyry

    “Ever since my hot flashes started I couldn’t sleep..when I say, I couldn’t sleep, I mean I spent 8 years with maybe 2-3 hours of sleep per night…I just tossed and turned, watched tv. My PC prescribed every sleep medication under the moon, nothing helped. I mean NO SLEEP FOR YEARS…ambien, lunesta, seroquil. Zolpidem. Then he suggested a psychiatrist thinking some other issue was causing my insomnia. I would actually look at my bed and dread getting into it because I knew how long the night would be. Well, my ” nut dr. ” prescribed a few and none worked. lol finally she started me on Xanax xr. Let me tell you…I really don’t care what addiction I might have, what risks there are…I can finally sleep and no after effects. A God Send”

  17. reino

    “Was prescribed Xanax xr 2mg as needed about 9 months ago. After a few weeks I cut it back on my own to .125 as needed. I’m averaging .1 mg a day. I’m concerned about long term use, ( is 9 months considered long term?) Withdrawal is another fear( does replacing Xanax xr with another drug make any sense?) and mostly, the dizziness that I feel almost daily, especially when standing up or getting out of bed. Anyone have advice or personal experience that can help me? I’m 62, with 3 widow maker stents, but otherwise in excellent health.”

  18. Anonymous

    “I was in England when I started getting feeling of depersonalization, forehead pressure, fear, negative thoughts and irritation etc. I came back to my country and consulted a doctor. He diagnosed me with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. What he prescribed me may have worked but honestly speaking I did not give fair chance to the prescribed medicine. He did not prescribe me Xanax xr but I managed to get it from somewhere myself as I had read about its effectiveness against anxiety. It worked perfectly for me. I killed my anxiety with it. It normalizes me and keeps me going ahead in life. I give 9/10.”

  19. veeti

    “Let’s be honest guys if you have anxiety you know too well it’s the only thing that helps. I’ve tried several others medications for my anxiety but non of them worked so well as xanax xr. I’ve tried Paxil Amitriptyline Zyprexa Celexa Seroquel. All of them were a waste of time. The only problem with xanax xr is that it is addictive and becomes really easily habit forming because it WORKS!”

  20. eetu

    “I was prescribed Xanax in 2012 when I started college at age 35. Have Panic Disorder, anxiety disorder and PTSD. Dosage has always been .5-1 mg daily. I’m completely a different person with it!! No more stuttering, no more panic attacks and running out if class to hide. I’ve never had to increase the dose since 2012. I could never gave gotten through 16 years of college without it!!”

  21. penti

    “I’ve been battling anxiety since before I could remember it got so bad that I finally tried Xanax xr for thw first time today and so far I feel like my best self l. My mind is no longer racing a million miles a minute and I don’t feel tense at all, only peacefulness.”

  22. simo

    “I have always struggled with worry, stress, and anxiety and recently have gone through some really difficult situation. My doctor diagnosed me with panic attacks and prescribed me a low dose of Xanax xr to take when needed. I take half a pill because I am afraid of developing a habit and hate relying on medications. This really does work and helps me a lot. I have only needed it a few times.”

  23. jarno

    “Any drug can get a bad wrap because of some people abusing it. A lot of doctors don’t even like prescribing Xanax xr because they don’t want their patients getting “hooked”. For me, I suffer from occasional anxiety attacks, and my prescription is “as needed”. Anxiety attacks can be VERY scary. There were a few times I literally thought I was gonna die, it was that bad. I even went to the ER once because I believed I was having a heart attack. They are different for different people. I use to smoke and drink a lot of coffee, so I think that’s what screwed up my body chemistry. I don’t drink caffeine or smoke anymore. All I know is that now that I have my Alprazolam (Xanax xr) in my pocket, I’m not as scared to go places. I can live my life again.”

  24. santari

    “My doctor first prescribed this to me when I was in my early 20s due to tremors and heart palpitations. At that time I didn’t think it was anxiety, and my doctor didn’t specifically say it was either (maybe he didn’t want to argue when I told him I don’t think I have anxiety), but he prescribed me this until I could see a specialist to rule out any heart conditions. Now, 10 years later, I found Ativan to work better for anxiety. BUT, Xanax xr is still a lifesaver if that’s all they’ll give you. I find Xanax xr to be more intoxicating than Ativan, where I can still function on the latter. I found myself dropping things, tripping over stuff easily, but that’s just a side effect of any Benzo. I ONLY recommend this if you take it before bed.”

  25. Anonymous

    “I began taking xanax xr at 1mg daily spread out over the day when diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I have had it 3 times now so have been on this medication for 6 years. It controls my anxiety and panic or fearful thoughts mostly. It’s been extremely helpful and my doctor knows I keep my dosage as directed. Very beneficial for me but it took a long while to overcome the stigma. Life is to valuable to waste feeling bad.!!”

  26. elias

    “I’VE taken Xanax xr prescribed by my Dr for almost 2 yrs and I think its great for nerves, anxiety and good sleep. I take it at night and sleep sound all night and in the morning get up refreshed. I’m an insomniac so the help sleeping is amazing. I give it a 10, just stick with the dose the Dr. prescribes.”

  27. valterie

    “I should start by letting you know that I was an addict of medicines (and having been through treatment, now enjoy 2 years and 9 months of sobriety) but I am also a sufferer of a wretched case of anxiety complete with full blown crippling panic attacks. Which I have suffered from for many years, but upon completing treatment for my recreational use and now being honest with doctors it was very difficult for that reason to get one to prescribe something that would help my condition. When I found one that would I would have to have my wife allocate the Xanax xr out to me but I will say it has helped and worked wonders. IN MODERATION!!”

  28. oliver

    “Man, there’s nothing to say about xanax xr that hasn’t been said. It does its job like nothing else. Works perfectly, but because of that, it’s super addictive to people prone to anxiety and stress. Because it’s the magic pill that makes it go away! That said, my experience with it has been mostly good, as I have never gone above 2mg and i try to keep myself at 1mg daily. This is a literal life saver for someone with severe anxiety.”

  29. joona

    “I get intense panic attacks. Xanax xr is very effective at working quickly to stop a panic attack. It saved my life, until after a few months I tried to stop taking it and got horrible withdrawals. I felt like I was dying, my anxiety was worse than it had ever been in my life, high blood pressure (and mine is naturally low), tachycardia, hallucinations, tremors. I hope anyone considering taking Xanax xr takes it at a low dose and not daily. If daily, do not quit cold turkey.”

  30. Anonymous

    “I am a teenager who has anxiety/panic attacks occasionally, and my physcisian has been giving me 2mg of Xanax xr for the past couple months to take as needed for anxiety. I can’t tell you how wonderful this medication has been. After 15-20 min of taking it my anxiety/panic feelings diminish completely, and I have no need to feel anxious about anything after that.”

  31. oskari

    “I have been having sleep issues for years. At times its not too bad but lately it’s been hard to fall a asleep. I also get up multiple times to urinate due to an enlarged prostate. I’m 51. My wife had some Xanax xr and she told me to try one before going to bed. I used it the last 2 nights. The pills are 0.5 mg. OMG, I slept like a BABY for the 2 nights and felt so refreshed. I also only got up once to use the bathroom. Most nights I get up almost every hour to urinate. That wreaks my sleep. I will not take the pill every night but I may periodically. Too bad it’s not safe to take for a long period of time.”

  32. Anonymous

    “My condition is a bit of a gotcha. I have ADD with slight hyperactivity and panic disorder. Living with these co-existing conditions is absolute hell. When I tell you that Xanax xr is a game changer, I’m not joking. Yes, there are risks. But “dependency”? You become no more dependent on it than you would if you had diabetes and had to take metformin or insulin. If you have a tendency towards substance abuse, then I would proceed with caution. For the rest of us, it has saved our lives.”

  33. vaino

    “Since my dad got sick and eventually passed away my anxiety depression and fears were just over whelming. I’ve been having so many intrusive thoughts since then. I had mild depression before he passed its been 5 years and its finally just has destroyed me. I finally went and got help two weeks ago and xanax xr not only completely calms me down it helps me focus on thing I need to focus on and not let my mind wonder with anxiety and weird thoughts. Miracle drug. Don’t abuse it. Use when needed its amazing.”

  34. olli

    “I started taking Xanax xr 2 mg for generalized anxiety over the past few days and it has helped me feel relaxed, less worried and happy also hasn’t affected me with any crazy side effects. (Which I was afraid of happening) I was so scared to take them but my anxiety was getting out of control so I figured I would give it a try and see how my body handles it. I’m going to continue taking one a day since it seems to be helping a lot. I don’t worry and I feel calm, the pill does wear off after a few hrs and takes about 20-30 mins to kick in but my dr says it’s safe to take another one as needed. I’m also doing counseling too and it is very helpful as well. Definitely recommend this for anxiety!”

  35. aapo

    “Xanax xr has helped me tremendously, I was having severe anxiety attacks real bad! My doctor at the time worked next door with in the same buliding/office, and he had witnessed my attacks and finally prescribed me just 2mg Xanax xr, and he told me to take 1 half in the morning and 1 half at evening. It took a while but finally I was attack free. I feel like I can live my life now!”

  36. janne

    “I did get terrible withdrawal when I tapered off xanax xr last year. Now panic almost everyday. Will ask for valium instead of xanax xr, cuz longer half-life means less withdrawal. I’m so tired of being obsessive & terrified without meds, and sleepy with meds.”

  37. Anonymous

    “I’ve taken xanax xr regularly for ~5 years. Having to deal with severe family issues, my general anxiety disorder has ramped up considerably these past 5 years. My dosage varies, as I take it as needed. Some days I take 2mg and many days I take none at all. I probably average 2mg/day and it has been extremely beneficial to me. Even on my worst days I realize that taking more won’t help, and I will just have to get through that day at a maximum of 1mg. For me, xanax xr has been a very helpful tool in my turbulent life and as things start to level out, my usage decreases.”

  38. tommi

    “I’ve been taking Xanax xr for about 10 years for sleep and occasionally for anxiety/stress. Started with 0.5mg and about a year or two ago I raised my nightly dose to 2mg. Sometimes I take a bit more after a stressful day. Love this med, no side effects, and works perfectly, my life would be much harder without it.”

  39. jesse

    “I have been through many many years of anxiety. Couldn’t drive a car, couldn’t sit through a church service, torment. This drug helps me focus and function. People abuse it but it’s a Godsend for people with real issues. Not everyone is a drug addict that needs xanax xr. I am 50 and a female and my life’s been limited since a trauma at childhood. I have post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety to severe limits.”

  40. atte

    “For several years I have been prescribed 1mg to take up to 3 times per day – sometimes I take less, some days even none! But I find that Xanax does for me what adderall does for children suffering add. For some reason the drug helps me have precision focus, a clear mind, better communication, rapid fire thought processing, and motivation – just for starters. I don’t expect to take it for the rest of my life, but I go thro prolonged periods of anxiety and antisocial behavior (will urinate in bottles in my room when at my worst). Glad to know there are a few people who Experience the same effects using Xanax xr as Maintenance. It’s been a life saver for me! Curious to understand why it has this off label effect on us select few.”

  41. ville

    “I suffer from anxiety/ panic attacks as well as live a somewhat stressful life style. Xanax xr has been my life saver and has been a tremendous aide in allowing me to continue to function in life on a daily basis. Truly a blessing in my life 100%.”

  42. Anonymous

    “Saved my Job..I’m a truck driver so I spend a lot of time in a truck and it gets really depressing being away from the family for weeks at a time but Xanax xr helps me cope with the situation and this is the only medicine I’ve found that wont make me tired and drowsy, unlike Zoloft that made me so tired I had to take two days off work. Xanax xr helps me relax and gives me focus so I can deal with my work situation.”

  43. aada

    “I have tried all possible drugs to relieve anxiety. I practice meditation and few walks per week. Xanax xr combined with trazodone, it is the only meds that make me normal. Without it, I am clumsy, fearful, afraid of life, paranoic sometimes and hypochondriac. I don’t have tolerance problem, never asked to raise the dose in last 3 years. It saved my life.”

  44. sofia

    “I live in the UK where it is virtually impossible to get Xanax xr (or any benzodiazepine) so I am very lucky to have found a good doctor to prescribe it. I am 25 years old and the last 14 years of my life were a living hell. I have BPD and a very severe anxiety disorder that left me having multiple daily panic attacks, breakdowns and even suicide attempts. Every doctor told me in the UK we get talking therapy and an SSRI for anxiety, but never benzo’s. So I suffered on for years and years until 4 months ago I found a Dr who prescribed me Xanax xr (Alprazolam) 0.5mg 3 times a day (1mg if needed) and it is a miracle drug to me. For the first time in my life, I live without the constant, crippling anxiety. I HIGHLY recommend this med.”

  45. Anonymous

    “I have had tremendous benefits from just 2mg taken as needed. I previously had lived with anxiety and panic (from social situations, particularly work meetings, eating out at restaurants, etc) for about 9 months before working up the courage to see my doctor. I started developing avoidance tendencies, and decided that I was tired of letting anxiety run my life. I am careful to take it only as needed, and would highly recommend for those with occasional severe anxiety or panic. I’ve been exercising more and focusing hard on positive thinking, and that combination with the occasional Xanax xr has been tremendous. Remember, you have an awesome life to live!”

  46. siiri

    “Xanax xr has helped me tremedously, I do not suffer from any of the side effects that are listed. Since being on this drug for my anxiety, I have been given part of my life back. I didn’t like to be in crowds of people or go to social events and since I am on this medicine I no longer suffer from these anxieties.”

  47. siiri

    “Xanax xr is the best medicine. I was dizzy for two months straight. I felt like I was on a boat and couldn’t get off. My whole life was just a mess between working full time, school, personal life until I found Xanax xr. I am on 2mg twice a day and I have my life back. I can tolerate people again. This is the wonder drug. Other than being a little more tired than normal, which I will suffer through because it is better than biting people’s heads off every chance I got.”

  48. siiri

    “I’ve been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for quite some time now and in the past year it’s been happening more. Xanax xr helps, I’ve been prescribed this because it does help when the anxiety levels get very high and panic attacks and it also helps me to get some sleep at night as it helps reduce the level of anxiety. Every person is different.”

  49. Anonymous

    “I’m 23 about to be 24 , and I’ve taken Xanax xr for going on 9 years. For my panic attacks/anxiety mainly. I absolutely love this medicine. I find myself “extra friendly” sometimes, but better than being a grouch or hiding from my own shadow. I take anywhere from 1mg to 1 1/2mg per day.”

  50. hilla

    “Well, I have mixed thoughts about Xanax xr. On one hand, it is a very fast acting drug, and seems to be more “powerful” than klonopin at the same dosage (2mg). On the other hand, it seems to have a very short time effect, with a more pronounced “knock out” effect. In short: at least for me klonopin works much better. I stopped cold turkey (not the right thing to do, I know) and had no issues at all. I had taken it for over a year for panic. Also, it seemed to boost my appetite beyond normal levels, but I leave this as an open question as to a plausible effect.”

  51. noora

    “Xanax xr has helped my anxiety and panic disorder for decades. Over the years, some doctors have tried to replace it with antidepressants which didn’t end well for me. One antidepressant even made me feel suicidal since depression is the opposite of anxiety. My Xanax xr dosage has been tapered in half over the past year and this past July I had a seizure. I am 56 years old with tachycardia and have never abused my medications. I sure wish they hadn’t started changing them again with my aging. I suffer anxiety and PTSD which I kept under control, living with a quality of life, enjoying my grandchildren, grocery shopping for myself living alone with my arthritis disability smiling through the pain. Not so much now, as my heart rate stays over 100 at rest so my GP referred me to a cardiologist. I’m aware of my leaky valve from birth lol. Good luck all. This has been a good medication for me.”

  52. Anonymous

    “All started when I was about 18 years young. All typical symptoms – racing thoughts, palpitations, high blood pressure, dizzines, fear, choking feeling, chest tightness, fear of death and many other unbearable things which happens when anxiety becomes uncontrollable! Over the years I have had my good days and my bad days. Sometimes to a point where I don’t want to live anymore, but then comes good days and to live is the thing I want the most. For those dark moments when close to panic xanax xr has really helped me! It gets me a bit calmer straight away, and then I can start breathing excercise and other little things which help to calm down. Without xanax xr honestly wouldn’t know what to do!”

  53. ronja

    “I have GAD, PTSD, Adult ADD, Bi-polar & crippling panic attacks aka Panic Disorder. I was diagnosed with panic disorder at the age of 7. It ruins my life. I took klonopin for 7 years threw middle and high school. It worked okay but I always felt like something else could work better. I have been on Prozac, cymbalta, latuda, visteril, lexapro, Effexor, amnitriptalyne, celexa, Paxil, lyrica, neurontin, depakote, seroquel and risperdal. Nothing EVER worked. I finally am on a routine of; 40mg Prozac, 25mg amnitriptalyne, 40mg adderall a day, .5mg klonopin 4X daily, .5mg of halcion for insomnia. My doc recently changed me to 1mg Xanax xr 3X daily and it has been a lifesaver. I don’t feel like a zombie and my mood has evened out!! Love it so much.”

  54. Anonymous

    “The negative reviews on here about this med are coming from people who take it everyday. Folks, DO NOT take this medicine every day it’s for occasional use only. It’s like alcohol; having a drink once in a while here or there is fine but getting drunk all day every day is obviously not a good idea. Same thing with the Xanax xr. Taking it once in a while when required is fine but using it every day will give you horrible withdrawals. I have the XR version that I literally take “once in a blue moon” for emergency situations only. It works great. Basic rule of thumb: don’t take it more than once per week and if you have to don’t take it more than 2 days in a row.”

  55. inka

    “I have been using Xanax xr for the last 7 months, I don’t know how to thank my doctor for prescribing this medication to me. I suffered from being lonely and scared if I will die, I panic for every little thing, now I take every night 2mg Xanax x, is there anyone to let me know if you taking Xanax xr for a long time.”

  56. Anonymous

    “I have been on every medication out there to help with my anxiety,/depression. I was taking effexor which worked at first but I noticed that my head was just filled with unnecessary garbage to say the least. My Dr took me off of the effexor and replaced it with brintellix and saphris which really helped my moods and depression. But my anxiety was still affecting me to the point I thought I was having a stroke. He prescribed my 2 mg of Xanax xr 3 times a day and wow! The difference is night and day! I am actually able to function normally and am so relieved. I’m still scared to be taking it because of the addiction that can come with it, but with my Dr’s guidance I am feeling better about this medication. My anxiety has subsided! Grateful!”

  57. nuppo

    “I have been on every medication out there to help with my anxiety,/depression. I was taking effexor which worked at first but I noticed that my head was just filled with unnecessary garbage to say the least. My Dr took me off of the effexor and replaced it with brintellix and saphris which really helped my moods and depression. But my anxiety was still affecting me to the point I thought I was having a stroke. He prescribed my 2 mg of Xanax xr 3 times a day and wow! The difference is night and day! I am actually able to function normally and am so relieved. I’m still scared to be taking it because of the addiction that can come with it, but with my Dr’s guidance I am feeling better about this medication. My anxiety has subsided! Grateful!”

  58. inka

    “I suffer from anxiety and mood swings much of it is work stress related, Xanax xr has worked wonders for me no habit I have not experience any side effects and I don’t believe is habit forming, I only take it as needed, I always keep them with me just in case I suffer a panic attack, I greatly recommend it.”

  59. katarinna

    “4 years ago I had my first panic attack/anxiety. Had hyperventilation and end up in the ER. My doctor prescribed 2mg of Xanax xr. I took the medicine as required. I wasn’t able to drive and do anything out by myself. I was afraid and worried of being alone. I always fear that it would happen again. My thoughts are always what if…Anxiety was taking over my life. I was able to control it for 2 years. Just this month I recently panicked for no reason. My dr. put me on this just in case I have a full blown anxiety…but the downside to this medicine is it makes me really sleepy and tired. But it does works!”

  60. Anonymous

    “I have agraphobia (social disorder) I was confinde to my home to scared to get in a situation I couldnt get out of. My fiance was always trying to get me out of the house. He just didnt understand. I started xanax xr and it saved my life Now im in college and Im not scared to go out. I take the blue one twice a day.”

  61. liija

    “I suffer from anxiety to the point where I am scared of things. It was so bad I wanted to pull my hair out. I was adopted when I was just a few days old, My mother ( who adopted me) died when I was 16. Life just seemed so hard for me. I was prescribed Klonopin and Ativan before Xanax xr, now I take Xanax xr and Concerta together and it really has changed my life. I work two jobs and go to college. I have become a superstar at work, winning contests and getting along with everyone, I rate this drug a 10 it is incredible!”

  62. ritter

    “I was having difficulty coping after the death of my husband. Xanax xr helped me to put everything into perspective which allowed me to face enormous challenges. I rarely ever felt slow from the low dosage, only calm.”

  63. Anonymous

    “Out of all the benzodiazepines I think that Xanax xr (alprazolam) is the best for me, acts quick & does what it says, just be careful & if you are going to ask your Dr. For them I recommend maybe starting out a smaller dose and work up from there. If that doesn’t work, the reason is, after a bit you get a little immune to strength & can bump up in dosage if this happens, unless you have a high tolerance, then maybe start at 2 mg, that way you can still move up if that doesn’t work, but I recommend starting small & moving up in dosage if needed.”

  64. Anonymous

    “Xanax xr has given me my life back. I suffer from severe anxiety a few times a year, for no reason. I’ve been given other Benzos that leave me feeling like a zombie. I can take a tiny amount (and I’m talking 1/2 2mg) of Xanax xr and it calms me down enough to enjoy life.”

  65. gregory

    “My doctor prescribed me Xanax xr after I got fired from my job for verbally assaulting a colleague. I also suffer from schizoaffective disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. Today, I felt like having a rage filled outburst at someone I do volunteer work with. I took a Xanax xr and within 30 minutes, I was happy and chatty and relaxed.”

  66. alien

    “This works effectively for anxiety as well as sleeping problems. It doesn’t impair my cognitive abilities. It is not addictive to me, however the only problem is getting off Xanax xr and the backlash effect it creates. I have successfully used Tranxene to bridge this gap and taper off safely. I rate it a 9 1/2; it has been a true miracle when I needed it most!”

  67. charles

    “I was extremely against Xanax xr because of knowing people who abused it, and being someone who will try homeopathic cures before using prescriptions. That said, it really helps me. I have anxiety I would describe as anywhere from mild- severe depending on the day, and week. But sometimes I get in these intensely anxious thought patterns, where I cannot let go, its terrible.Taking medication during these periods is a god-send. It allows me to return back to my normal non-anxious self. I rarely have noticed sleepiness as an effect of the medication- only when I was already sleepy before taking it. If you don’t abuse your dose, it shouldn’t cause you to feel out of it or have memory loss, if you truly suffer from anxiety. That’s my experience”

  68. igor

    “This drug literally saved my life. Before I started taking it, there was no quality of life left. I would get so nervous around people I couldn’t go out into public at all, had severe panic attacks all of the time… I’ve dealt with this my entire life, and it took me 17 years being put on every anti depressant/mood stabilizer/even anti psych meds except anti anxiety meds (because doctors are too afraid to prescribe them…we have a lot of junkies here) I finally found a doctor who understands me. I take 2mg xanax xr 3 times a day and 1,200 mg of lithium a day. This medication has changed my life. I no longer struggle with my life, I feel like for the first time I have total control and it feels great.”

  69. quentin

    “I have been on Xanax xr for a few years due to my anxiety discover. This tablet which I only take a quarter of when it is necessary which doesn’t happen very often has helped me sleep and calm down. My sister has terminal cancer. It also helped me go through tough events.”

  70. emile

    “Do not use if you have acute anxiety. I’ve had lifelong daily anxiety and depression that has never gone away. I ended up dropping out of school because I couldn’t sit still without having a full blown panic attack shaking. My head spins all day and my anxiety causes me migraines. I’ve tried yoga meditation and all natural remedies. I’ve come to terms with the fact it is genetic. I didn’t know xanax xr existed. I’ve tried all antidepressants and they messed me up pretty bad. But I do have a very high tolerance to this medicine. I hate that its addicting because its the only thing that makes me feel normal and able to live my life happy.”

  71. pierre

    “I feel like I’m not a mean and hated person wile being on Xanax xr. I have been suffering really bad lately with panic attacks and I can’t breath and my cheat falls like to explode. My doc put me on 2mg to take 1 a day but sometimes I have to take more than 1 a day but it works wonders. I can be a better mom and wife with it.”

  72. jerome

    “I was given xanax xr in the hospital when people at work thought I was having a heart attack. My anxiety shot up so bad, my heart rate was 170. Been on 2 mg a day ever since (this happen 2 months ago). I only take 1 1/2 mg a day & it works for me. I feel like I have control of my life again. I have heard stories & seen people on it who over take it but if you take it as prescribed, it works.”


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