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    “Less panic attacks and helps keep you relaxed and open minded. Less stress keeps you panic free and it lowers the stress at least 75% while on the Xanax xe compared to Lexapro and many others I tried for anxiety and depression.”

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    “Xanax xr is wonderful for anxiety and panic attacks. I can thank this medication for making me a normal person. For being able to walk anywhere where there are people and feel absolutely no anxiety whatsoever. It’s given me my life back.”

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    “When the world is closing in on me I take a Xanax xr and suddenly I’m able to function again. I can learn and adapt and I feel like I can capture and retain information better. Without it any new information is lost on me and my learning process is inhibited. The little stuff is not a problem anymore and I can focus on accomplishing anything I need to. I didn’t start having anxiety attacks until after college. I did really well and all of a sudden I felt like in the real world I could not meet the expectations because of how well I did in school. Everything became too much. Debt, learning a new job, reading (which is my favorite thing to do), being with family and friends. I hit a wall. Even with anti-depressants I could not function.”

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    “My anxiety gave me depersonalization. Whenever I take xanax xr it clears right up for me, especially if I run out of Klonopin. It’s a great back up that helps me when that sudden feeling of panic creeps up on me.”